Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Great Smoky Mountains Driving Adventure to Ohio

Today we're on our way to Cincinnati to visit our children and grandchildren, especially our new little one Miles Parker, haven't met him yet. We always look forward to this trip from Andon-Reid Inn, not only because of the obvious but the drive is beautiful. The first hour is an amazing drive through the Great Smoky Mountains range and Appalachian trail through Western North Carolina and into Tennessee. As soon as we leave the Knoxville area we drive through the outskirts of Cumberland Gap...awesome vistas.In Kentucky the many many miles of horse country. As we get closer to Ohio we drive just past Covington, Kentucky through an area called "The Cut in the Hill" and all of a sudden you get the most beautiful view of Cincinnati. Then all I can think about is Graeter's Ice Cream. Yes, I'm ashamed to say I am a Graeter's junkie. All my kids know that when I'm in town it's 2 scoops of Graeter's every night!

Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper

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