Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Local Dineries in Waynesville, North Carolina - Part 1

"Where's a good place for dinner in Waynesville?" is one of the first questions we hear when our guests arrive.We try to take care of that request with our pre-concierge service we offer at Andon-Reid Inn but many times it slips by the mind of our travelers because they're just so anxious to get here. Being the foodie that I am, I can talk about our local restaurants all of the time. Let me say now that there isn't one best place to eat here in Waynesville. It amazes me the vast choice of eateries that we do have. Today I will cover steak and seafood, then part 2 will cover Italian and BBQ foods. Part 3 will cover the rest.

One of my dreams in life was to become a food critic, so here I go but in an abbreviated way. There are a couple of places that come to mind when I hear the word STEAK. Chef's Table that serves an excellent filet of beef that melts in your mouth, Lomo Grill that has a Certified Black Angus Ribeye with the perfect marbling and J. Arthurs which has five different cuts of beef and known for their steaks. It's important to me that my steak is cut at least 11/2 to 2 inches thick, that's my first requirement , my second is that they cook it to my liking, which is very rare with a good crust, thirdly it needs to be exquisitely seasoned and last but not least very tender. When I eat a steak I mean business, I love it. All three restaurants have great appetizers, salads and sides. If you do go to Lomo Grill you must order their special bread. The fresh herbs they blend into their olive oil and pour over the warm crusty bread is worth every calorie. You will find an outstanding wine list at Chef's Table. Richard, the proprietor also owns the Wine Cellar and definitely knows his wines. The World Famous Gorgonzola salad is what J.Arthurs reknowned for so definitely order that.The dessert lis
ts all look great, but I never seem to have room left for that sweet ending.

Just because we are not close to the ocean doesn't mean we can't find good seafood in Western North Carolina. The trout around here is the seafood of choice, more specifically red trout,rainbow trout, smoked trout, marinated trout and trout sausage The local restaurants purchase the trout from the Sunburst Trout Company located in watershed of the Shining Rock Wilderness in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It's a beautiful drive down 276 S. to Edwards Cove Road to Lake Logan. Only 30 minutes away. Maggie's Galley Oyster Bar is the most popular for seafood and they have a menu full of fresh fish to choose from. If you want to feel like a local, eat here. Like their name states...Oyster Bar they have and I will tell you that the oysters are wonderful! The hush puppies here are worth the splurge also. Another good choice for seafood in Waynesville would be Chef's Table. Their signature dish is Carolina Low Country Shrimp and Grits and their Ahi Tuna is sushi grade and encrusted with sesame seeds. Need I say more?

We're never at a loss for good food in Waynesville and when you frequent one of these restaurants don't forget to tell them that Rachel and Ron sent you!

Rachel Reid
,Very Happy Innkeeper


  1. Cher & I will vouch for Maggie's Galley.....The food is good and the place is always packed, a real good sign.

  2. Our guests are always happy when they return from dinner at Maggie's Galley


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