Friday, May 8, 2009

Local Dineries in Waynesville, North Carolina - Part 2

Mama Mia I am so ready for Italian. As promised,this is a continuation of all the good food we have here in Waynesville,NC.There are three very good casual Italian eateries that we recommend to all of our guests at Andon-Reid Inn. Bocelli's has a large menu with something for the whole family. For appetizers Ron and I splurge on the basket of cheese bread oozing with garlic and one of their large salads to share.I always go for the 12" Palermo Special pizza which has spinach, artichokes, fresh garlic, tomatoes, feta cheese and oregano. Ron usually orders the Egglant Parmigiano dinner and ends up finishing my pizza on top of that. It amazes me what that man can put down. Angelo's has a bit of a smaller menu but some great pizzas. Their antipasto salad is wonderful and of course the chicken husband is from Buffalo. We both love the Chicken pizza which has chicken, white sauce, chopped garlic, onions, feta cheese and a special blend of House cheeses.The pizzas are cut in squares, this is the only part that Ron has a difficult time getting use's just NOT suppose to be cut that way. Last but not least Nick and Nates. Their hand-tossed pizzas are reallly good. They have several pizzas that we are forever ordering. The Nantahala, The Mediterranean and The Border Crossing are among our favs.The unique thing about Nick&Nates are the hand crafted beers. They get them within days of being kegged so the freshness is unbelievable. They are always busy so plan your time.

Are you ready for some BBQ? We send our guests to Big Mountain BBQ or Fat Buddies Ribs & BBQ. They are both rib sticking delicious and consistent. We have done a couple of small weddings at Andon-Reid Inn and the bride only wants good down home BBQ. Where do we go? Big Mountain BBQ. The pulled chicken and pulled pork are so fresh and meaty, no fat! When we frequent the restaurant I always order the Blue Cheese Chips.
Fresh cut and kettle cooked chips served warm with blue cheese crumbles on top. Everything there is good. We have never had a bad meal. I keep telling them that they need to put "my salad" on the menu. It's the Big Mountain Salad with pulled chicken, blue cheese crumbles and BBQ sauce as the dressing. Oh.. don't forget to order the Vidalia onion casserole, you won't be sorry. The starters at Fat Buddies are sooo good. You won't know whether to order the onion loaf or the cheesy bacon fries. The trick is to go with alot of friends and then you can get both. The Baby Back Rib Combo is huge.You get a full rack of smoked BBQ ribs,1/4 pound of one of the other meats,and choices of the other sides plus garlic bread. You need to take a bath after you eat one of those dinners.

Needless to say you won't go hungry in Waynesville and remembe
r when you frequent one of these restaurants don't forget to tell them that Rachel and Ron sent you!

Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper

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