Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Local Dineries in Waynesville, North Carolina - Part 3

Here we go with the final installment in the series on dining in Waynesville, NC.In this post I will be covering great little spots that we have discovered. Bogarts is one of those restaurants where you will get the real flavor of Waynesville. This is where the locals eat. Andon-Reid Inn is only 1/2 mile from Bogarts and our guests love to walk in. It's always busy and the menu choices cover everything. No matter what you order get the sweet potato, it's huge and delicious.

Los Amigos is a little gem found in the Bi-Lo shopping center. It's family owned and is authentic Mexican food at it's freshest. The chips and salsa are great as are the Margaritas. I always order either the Southwestern Fish or the Pescado a la Plancha which is a delicious tilapia grilled with sauteed zucchini, squash, onions and tomato. Both dishes are prepared in a healthful way. Ron is a Burritos man and usually orders a couple of them along with his Corona. You have to have a Corona with Mexican food!

The Sweet Onion is an upscale southern eatery with a twist on southern. Each menu item has its own special take.The Sweet Onion Soup is creamier than the traditional and the catfish is cornmeal dusted. The salmon is marinated and then topped with a grilled peach and the country fried steak is breaded and fried to order. They also have a delicious ahi tuna. The place is always busy and everyone loves their comfort food.

As you can see there are so many choices for all you foodies, in Waynesville. We are never at a loss for "where's a good place for dinner in Waynesville?"
And remember when you frequent one of these restaurants don't forget to tell them that Rachel and Ron sent you!

Rachel Reid , Very Happy Innkeeper

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  1. We just left Los Amigos Restuarant in Waynesville, NC in what was a nice meal but ended in a very disturbing fashion.
    We have 2 children, Daughter 8 and son 9. We have frequented Los Amigos since the first week they were open as we had known many of their staff from their previous jobs at another Mexican restaurant.
    As I walked in tonight, I noticed the sign on the door stating that kids were 1.99 with an adult meal for kids 10 and under. Well, I was just overjoyed.
    We had our meals and enjoyed them and the service was pleasant as usual. This is why we go back and are regulars.
    I got the bill and noticed it looked funny. I asked our waiter and he explained and noted one full priced kids meal. I told him that both of my kids were under 10. He took the bill and said he would take care of it.
    The owner manager brought it back and told me that my daughter was not under 10 so they charged her full.
    I said that she was 8 and he said, "no" she doesn't look it. I explained again that my daughter is 8. He said he did not believe me or my wife but would take care of it this time. I asked him if he was saying I was lying and he just shrugged his shoulders and went off with my check.
    At that time I was very upset not because of the amount charged but with the fact that this owner/manager of the restaurant just called my wife and I both liers about our kids ages. In front of my kids.
    The waiter brought the bill back and I paid him not noticing that he not only did not fix the price but he actually added anther 1.99 to the bill.
    I went up and asked him for a copy of the detail and he refused.
    I told him we would never be back and that I would make sure I spread the word about this.
    He laughed, yes, laughed at me and said "wooooo" "I'm so afraid" like a little grade school kid.
    Now, I am writing this to at least make anyone who reads this aware of this unprofessoinal, unethical behavior but the owner of a restaurant we have frequented, sent friends and family too and that I have recommended to clients 10 fold.
    I do not recommend this place anymore nor will I ever again. I am sorry to all of the class act employees that work there. They are great and have always been. I just can not go to a place that tells me I am lying about my daughter's age.
    Her time past 10 will come soon enough.
    Sorry Los Amigos in Waynesville, NC. You have lost us and numerous of our friends and familiy for good.


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