Thursday, June 11, 2009

North Carolina Massage and Fitness at Andon-Reid Inn

Hi There! This is Patti Becker, guest blogger for Rachel. I just completed two personal training sessions and one therapeutic massage at Andon-Reid Inn, the highest quality bed & breakfast in Western North Carolina. I (actually, Rachel and I) decided I should leave my safe haven in Boca Raton, FL, and experience beautiful Waynesville, NC, for the summer months. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida and North Carolina, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Wellness Coach. Between the three professions, chances were good that I would be able to find seasonal professional opportunities. Of course, promises from Rachel and Ron that I would receive all of their massage requests helped to 'ink' the deal. And they have lived up to that promise!

I arrived Sunday night, crashed on their very comfortable sofa, and gave my first massage on Monday afternoon. Monday I was able to meet my summer landlord and unpack my car. How on earth did I fit everything into my car?? A daunting task of unloading loomed before me until I looked at the view from my patio. Lush green landscaping with wild flowers and a lake. Above that, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains smiled upon me. I immediately felt welcome and at home. That is the personality of Waynesville. Everywhere I go: the Post Office, Walmart, quaint shops, and of course, the Andon-Reid Inn. Ron and Rachel welcome all their guests and want them to feel at home. Reading the cards they have received as well as the individual comment books in each room, the common thread is how at home each guest has felt because of the hospitality at the Andon-Reid Inn. Did I mention the breakfast's? Hmmm, well, let's just say you probably will not need lunch. I have been enjoying Rachel's cooking and baking for 15 years. And now she is sharing her expertise with so many more! Ron, of course, just loves to work around the house and in the yard. Right now, I enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and oh, oh, a spring shower dampens the lawn mowing to be done another day. Not to worry, Ron has projects inside that will keep him busy.

As I continue to explore my new surroundings, I look forward to developing friendships and professional affiliations. My plan is simple: to return to Waynesville, NC, every summer to work and enjoy the easy-going pace, beautiful mountain views, friendly townspeople, and make a home away from home. I encourage you to visit Waynesville and the Andon-Reid Inn for an experience of comfort, serenity, and relaxation.

Patti Becker, Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer
Rachel Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper

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