Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weddings In North Carolina at Andon-Reid Inn

Weddings, we love them at Andon-Reid Inn. It is the beginning of two people joining their lives together forever and we're a part of that. Our bed and breakfast is small, so we only host weddings that are 25 guests or under. That makes for a very intimate and personalized event.The bride and groom experience all the details in putting their wedding together with our help. In May of this past year, we were fortunate to host the beautiful wedding of Lisa and Bill Niblo. One of the fond memories I have of the wedding is Lisa's daughter McKenna. What a beautiful child. Lisa and Bill involved her in every way with the wedding plans. Bill actually said vows to McKenna. It was so tender of a moment.They were insistent on having the wedding outdoors without a tent. Of course our biggest nightmare is the weather. After all, this is a milestone in their lives and a day they will remember forever.Well, it rained all day, on the day of the wedding and about 1 hour before they were to take their vows it stopped. The sun came out and the yard was filled with excitement. The ceremony took place, photographs were taken then everyone headed in to our Garden Room for the reception. Lisa and Bill chose to have BBQ for dinner and boy did we put on a spread. For dessert Lisa wanted a cupcake cake, it was grand. You don't forget weddings and this one will forever be engraved in our memory. Lisa, Bill and McKenna have a wonderful life together.

Rachel Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper

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