Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rose Bowl 2010, Ohio State Buckeyes and Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast

All I have to to say is that Ohio State WON!!! We all watched the game during our wine down.This is a fun thing we do at Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast once or twice a month. A get-together of all of our guests enjoying our wines, cheeses and hors d'oerves of the day. Usually we have jazz playing and lots of conversation. Today I had to change the rules because of the big game. We still had great conversation but our background was the game. It went into overtime and yes, Ohio State won the Big 10 Championship and they'll be going to the Rose Bowl. The first time since 1997.That year they won the Rose Bowl against Arizona State, 20-17. You'll know where I'll be on January 1, 2010...Buckeye Land!.

Rachel Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper at Andon-Reid Inn our
Bed and Breakfast in Waynesville, North Carolina

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  1. So stoked for this game! I've been trying to win tickets. Chances aren't high but I still can't wait! Check it out

  2. I have a tip for those Buckeye fans headed out to California for the Rose Bowl. A cool place on the beach.
    Sort of different. Not a regular hotel type place. Quality place with the fun and cool Venice Beach out the front door.

  3. great stuff. and btw, I like the picture in the home page


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