Sunday, January 24, 2010

Google's Favorite Places-Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast Is One of Them

A month or so ago we received a letter from Google (master of my business listing) stating that we're "a favorite place on Google. Between July1 and September 30, Google users found Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast business listing 28,497 times. WOW!!! Stickers bearing Google's logo and a QR code (bar code) have been distributed to 100,000 of the most popular businesses in Google's Local Business Center database.

The company analyzed which local listings were generating the most activity, and declared those to be "Favorite Places on Google," and therefore eligible for the sticker promotion. What does the sticker do? Businesses need to put them on their front door or window. Let's say you are passing by a restaurant and you want to know what is on the menu and what the reviews are. Use your phone and scan the QR code. You will be able to:
  • Read reviews to see what other users think about the business
  • Find a coupon that the business has posted to their Place Page
  • Star the business to remember to check it out later, or to remember to visit again
  • Leave a review right after you leave the business.
How are we going to use it? Leaving a review is a great idea. You're in the car driving back home or continuing on your vacation. What's a better time to write what you think, than when you've just visited?

Rachel Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper at Andon-Reid Inn our
Bed and Breakfast in Waynesville, North Carolina

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