Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Girlfriend Getaways, Bed and Breakfast Waynesville, North Carolina

 Girlfriend getaways are huge at our bed and breakfast in Waynesville, North Carolina. I really don't have any idea how many we have done in the past 5 years but I do know that they are all different and alot of fun. Not only am I an innkeeper, cook, blogger, personal trainer and mom I would now say that I have become an accomplished girlfriend getaway planner.

 Women have always been the ones to plan all the family vacations and they are finally saying "Hey wait a minute! It's my turn." Girlfriend getaways are a way to reconnect with your childhood  friends, college friends and present and past co workers.

Girlfriends' getaways - where women travel with other women and leave the menfolk home -- are booming.
According to the Travel Industry Association of America, 24 percent of American women have taken a girlfriend getaway in the past three years while 39 percent plan to take one in the next three years.

Our Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast allows for so many different experiences that we will personalize
each getaway to make it your own. Antiquing, spa services, dining out, hiking, horseback riding, relaxing fireside are just a few. Just know that after you leave us you will have the 3 R's...refreshed, rejuvenated and  revitalized!

Rachel Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper at Andon-Reid Inn our Bed and Breakfast in Waynesville, North Carolina My Zimbio
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