Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asheville Symphony: Mahler's "Resurrection", Near Andon-Reid Inn

The Asheville Symphony will be playing The Symphony No. 2 by Gustav Mahler, known as the "Resurrection" on Saturday, November 19 at the Thomas Wolfe Theater which happens to be 30 minutes from our Waynesville, NC bed and breakfast.

It was written between 1888 and 1894, and first performed in 1895. Apart from the Eighth Symphony, this symphony was Mahler's most popular and successful work during his lifetime. It is his first major work that would eventually mark his lifelong view of the beauty of afterlife and resurrection. In this large work, the composer further developed the creativity of "sound of the distance" and creating a "world of its own", aspects already seen in his First Symphony. The work lasts around eighty to ninety minutes.

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, NC
Sat, Nov 19, 2011  8:00 PM
Don't miss this incredible symphony. Mahler said that "the symphony must encompass the whole world" and this one does. You will need to come back to our  Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast and soak in our claw foot tub with a glass of wine after this concert! We have our weekend getaway room waiting for you.

Rachel Reid, Very Happy Innkeeper at Andon-Reid Inn our Bed and Breakfast in Waynesville, North Carolina

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