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Quilt Trails in Waynesville and Haywood County, NC

Quilt Trails

The stories represent agriculture, history, charity, honor, family traditions, and so much more. The colorful patterns are instantly recognizable as being associated with quilts — those ‘icons of tradition’ that are connected to comfort, warmth, security and home. The Haywood County Quilt Trail beckons us to take to the road. You’ll experience life through the stories and traditions of our beautiful county; you might even come away with a unique life story of your own.Haywood County Quilt Trails Boone Orchard

Schools, churches, banks and a variety of other establishments are “stitching” a trail throughout Haywood County that is giving tourists the opportunity to see rural areas that they would not have had before. Vacationers are traveling to Clyde, Canton, Waynesville and Maggie Valley to see the brightly painted quilt squares while getting a taste of its heritage as they explore this Western North Carolina County that is immersed in American history. Vibrant quilt patterns are painted on pre-built wooden squares ranging from two feet to eight feet in size, creating a vibrant trail throughout the area.

Quilting as a sewing method has been an American tradition for centuries, with fabrics and patterns representing a family or story pertaining to that particular timeframe. Now, through the organization of the Quilt Trails project, the much-loved symbol of comfort, family, heritage, and community that quilting symbolizes is represented by large wooden quilt squares that have taken on the same meaning, with its patterns representing the history of the land, the building or the family.

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